Some homeowners may be tempted to do a DIY roof repair to save money, while some really enjoy DIY repair projects. Let’s take a look at what the reality of DIY projects is, keeping in mind that your roof is one of your greatest investments.

1. DIY roof repair can lead to an injury. Even skilled professional roofers sometimes slip and fall off roofs, not to mention untrained homeowners. The conditions up on the roof can be slippery and windy, which makes it extremely risky and unsafe to try and repair it yourself. And then there’s electricity and power tools that add to the hazards. We believe that your safety is much more important than the possibility to save some money. So please contact professional roofers for any kind of roofing project.

2. Mistakes can lead to even greater damage. It’s important to understand that watching DIY videos is not enough to master a skill. Is it worth practicing on your own roof? The thing is, it’s not always easy to diagnose a problem correctly, let alone fix it. That’s why you’ll need to contact the experienced roofing contractors, who know how to find the source of the problem and how to fix it.

3. The thought that DIY roofing can help you save money is actually very misleading. Just think of it: you’ll have to purchase materials and special tools. And then, if you make a mistake, you can cause more damage than there has already been. If you are doing it alone, the lack of workforce will inevitably eat up your time and effort. Wouldn’t it be best to leave it to the professionals who already have all the necessary equipment, workforce, skills and expertise to address any issue?

4. You can void your warranty by doing DIY roof repairs. Some manufacturers offer warranties if the installation of shingles is done by a certified contractor. You can lose your warranty if you damage the materials while DIYing.

5. You can have problems with insurance. If you have insurance and try to repair your roof yourself, the policy will most likely be canceled. Insurance companies don’t cover the damage caused not by some force of nature, but by the homeowner.

Think twice before you go up on the roof. Hiring a team of professional roofers is really a better option here. Call DreamWorks Remodeling at 855-953-7326 and let us do the job while you relax and spend quality time with your family!

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