Stucco Services

DreamWorks Remodeling can help with the following stucco services:

  • Stucco Rehabilitation
  • Stucco Installation or Replacement
  • Stucco Repair

When choosing the type of siding, homeowners often consider stucco, as it creates a stylish and unique look for their homes. It’s popular not only due to its attractive appearance, but also due to its low cost and ability to breathe in humid climates.

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It is known as a very durable material that can last for about 100 years, but at times it still needs repair. When small cracks and holes form in the surface, it can cause serious problems like mold or even structural damage, if left unattended.

How Does Stucco Siding Work?

Dating back more than a thousand years, stucco cladding has graced external walls and ceilings for generations. After that, it was utilized throughout Europe before being brought to the United States by the founding fathers. The actual substance is made up of a combination of aggregates and a binder. The fact that stucco siding doesn't come as a one-size solution is one of its biggest benefits. You may have your stucco siding specifically colored and finished to your tastes.

Stucco Siding Advantages

  • Using Stucco Will Reduce Your Heating And Cooling Costs. You may minimize your heating and cooling expenses using stucco. The materials and method used to create stucco create a shell around your property that acts as additional insulation, which results in this cost-saving benefit. Stucco is a great choice if you want to feel cozy while paying less on utilities!
  • Stucco Will Last For Around 50 Years. Stucco will give your house the aforementioned protection for as long as you live there because it often lasts for more than 50 years. You may save money on electricity costs while also saving money on repair costs by using this durable material.

What Compromises Stucco over Time?

Pollutants may erode and wear away your external building design, especially in cities. Additionally, it's not just about the scenery. Water can leak into your stucco through chipped and faded paint, which will eventually cause the surface design to fracture. Small stucco cracks may be easily repaired by you, but bigger stucco repair jobs should always be handled by professionals.

In addition to ensuring a high-quality, long-lasting repair, you must treat any major underlying damage (such as water seepage from broken pipes or clogged gutters). If not, you will eventually find yourself back where you started, having to continually pay for maintenance work.

How Severe Is the Damage to the Stucco?

Although stucco is typically durable and low-maintenance, the cement component is prone to cracking. This may be caused by external damage and environmental pressures.

Even the greatest project will endure seasonal temperature variations and ground earthquakes. Over time, structures also settle into their foundations, and hot temperatures can cause paint to flake or materials to shrink.

Water will cause the stucco to soften and eventually split off into sheets. It's not the only problem that trapped moisture within the wall may cause—other irreversible problems include drywall swelling, flaking paint, wood rot, mildew, musty odors, and peeling paintwork. It's crucial to allow reputable contractors to investigate the issue and, if necessary, provide you with a repair quote. If you've seen any unsettling changes in your stucco or exterior painting work, get in touch with us right away.

How Might Stucco Be Fixed?

If there are no underlying issues, the majority of tiny stucco cracks may be repaired by caulking, stippling, and blending before painting the affected area. However, large, broad, or deep stucco cracks may be a sign of more serious structural issues. These are frequently found at the tops of window and door frames, at the intersections of vertical walls, or the joints between masonry/concrete and wood frames.

If a crack is wider than 1/16 inch, it has to be fixed right away. If the borders of the fracture no longer appear to be “matching”, this may be a sign that the building's structural integrity is changing, such as from uneven foundation sinking. Large stucco cracks should not be attempted to be repaired by the homeowner or by a typical building care crew. We are able to not only pinpoint the issue's underlying cause, but also offer a fix that will prevent a recurrence.

In cases where we deal with rust or fallen stucco, we sometimes need to repair it by completely removing and restoring the material.

We can take care of any jobs from small patch repairs to complete replacements.

With our great experience, we can create a project tailored just for you. Contact us at 855-953-7326 to learn more about the types of stucco we provide and to receive a free estimate.

Frequently asked question
How long does stucco last?

Stucco is one of the favorite siding choices due to its durability and the variety of colors and textures it offers. If properly installed it can last for years as it’s weather resistant and requires very little maintenance. Its life span can reach up to 80 years or even more if well maintained.

What are the causes for stucco damage?

Stucco damage can have several causes, water damage, foundation shifts or poor installation among them.

Stucco is installed to prevent water from entering your home. So its important to avoid doing DIY projects on your stucco walls penetrating them with nails or screws. You should always hire a professional for any such job to ensure proper care of the stucco material.

Gutters should keep water away from stucco walls as continuous water exposure can damage stucco.

In order to avoid damage during the installation, choose only highly experienced stucco installers who can guarantee excellent workmanship. Give us a call at 855-953-7326 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about us and what we can offer.

Is it hard to re-stucco my home?

It’s not that difficult as it may seem, though it's definitely not a DIY project and should be performed by skilled professionals only. Re-stuccoing is not simply adding a new layer of stucco over the existing one. The surface of the existing stucco will most likely need to be prepared before applying a new layer of stucco. The existing paint should be removed to ensure proper bonding of a new layer of stucco. Simply painting over the existing stucco is not a solution, as paint traps moisture inside your stucco and this causes deterioration and decay.

How do I maintain stucco?

Stucco requires little to no maintenance. It should be washed occasionally, inspected for holes and cracks and repaired when necessary.

If any repairs are required they should be addressed in a timely manner to prevent further damage. Please contact your installer if you find any cracks.

Stucco should be washed with a mild cleaner and water. Pressure washing is not recommended as it may cause damage to the finish and consequently to the stucco.

Can stucco be applied on a painted surface?

It’s crucial for stucco to adhere to a surface to make sure it’s durable and secure. With a painted surface it can be a problem, therefore it’s best to have the existing paint removed before applying stucco. We strongly recommend preparing the surface of the existing stucco before applying a new layer of stucco. The existing paint should be removed to ensure proper bonding.

Can stucco be painted?

The answer is yes, but you need to follow simple steps to avoid having problems: wash stucco, let it dry and make sure it has been dry for a couple of days before painting, use only paint suited for stucco surfaces. Stucco can be painted with cement-based paints or a colored stucco finish can be used to get ‘texture’.

Painting stucco offers some advantages, like preventing moisture from penetrating stucco, covering stains and giving your walls a fresher look, filling small cracks and protecting stucco from sun exposure.

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